Hubs went to Florida without me, so this is what I did

Last week, Chad went to Florida without me. It was a work trip, in Orlando, so I was OK with sitting this one out. Not to mention, with Hurricane Matthew on the horizon, the weather was less than favorable.

He hardly ever goes on out of town for work, so I’m not usually left to my own devices for almost a whole week. But now, I was about to embark on 3 days of Me Time. Three whole days. What do I do? Where do I go? What do I eat?? It almost felt like too much to think about, but I quickly got the hang of things.


I ate this all by myself

I dropped Chad off at the airport around 5 p.m. and could only focus on one thing on my drive home: pizza. But do I go out to eat pizza by myself? Do I order in a pizza? Grimaldi’s—Chad’s not-so-favorite place is on my top 5. But no, it was too early. I drove by Whole Foods and bought an in-house-made frozen pizza. I also bought a good bottle of wine. And I also bought ice cream. And I may have also bought a slice of tiramisu cake from their bakery. I was getting a little out of hand. And it had only been a couple of hours since I dropped him off.


I watched this show for hours and hours

I couldn’t sleep Sunday night because I kept waking myself up, thinking I heard something (turns out it was nothing). I quickly got ready for work, made some coffee the way I like it—light, and I left.

After work, my only plan was to binge watch 90-Day Fiance. I had recorded nearly 3 hours of the show the night before, and I was committed to getting through every. single. minute. Dinner included wine, more pizza and more ice cream.


I made this for a party of one—myself

I slept great Monday night, so I woke up feeling refreshed. After work, I took Pete on his regular evening walk. For dinner, I decided to get fancy. I made roasted chicken with a side of garlic pasta and salad for good measure. Also, more wine. I got settled on the couch with my fabulous meal and my other guilty pleasure—Married at First Sight.


No making the bed for three whole days!

The reign of terror on my waistline was coming to an end. Chad was coming home Wednesday night and I couldn’t have been more excited. My partner, my bud, my favorite person was coming back home. I threw all the dishes in the dishwasher, finally made the bed, and polished off any remaining evidence of careless eating. My level-er head was coming home, and I was ready. But I did learn a lot. I learned how to really give zero you-know-whats, learned how to not be scared of the dark while alone (more wine) and learned how to Me Time like a boss. Does everybody Me Time like a lazy slob like I do? How do you Me Time?

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  1. Lynne Burnett says: Reply

    Great story, you really write well, it’s fun to read!

  2. I like the flow of the third paragraph; it starts with mentions of pizza, wine and icecream and ends with an image of a giant obese women crying. 🙂

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