• food
  • Try this Cauliflower Salad before summer ends

    Go to San Diego for the farmer’s markets alone. They’re amazing—every kind of orange you can imagine, strawberries, greens, tomatoes, flowers, berries. Four blocks of downtown streets are sectioned off to display each farmer’s home-grown fruits and vegetables. We toured and tasted our way through San Diego’s Little Italy farmer’s market back in April. My […]

  • travel
  • Flying standby? 5 tips on what to wear & how to pack

    I’m heading on a weekend trip tomorrow morning to Portland for a girls’ weekend. And, like most trips, I’m flying standby. Standby is a great way to travel if you’re patient, flexible and accommodating. For extremely discounted travel, I’m all of the above. Flying standby, there’s no guarantee you’ll get on your preferred flight, so […]